Peanut Chewy Payday Bars

I had to post this recipe! It sounds so good just as an anytime snack but I see these as a great trail/camp snack as well. These will be going with us on our next camping trip!


I love peanuts on their own and have to resist the urge to polish off a jar in a sitting and they are my favorite nut to blend for homemade nut butter. But there is something about having big, chunky, hard bits of nuts in desserts when I’m expecting something soft, comforting, and squishy that’s usually a dealbreaker.

But the peanuts work in these bars, which resemble a Payday candy bar. I like these much better than Payday bars because of the three distinct layers, especially the fluffy layer of marshmallows, absent from Payday bars.

Overall, the bars aren’t an overly sweet treat and are perfect for those who enjoy salty ‘n sweet combinations. There are three layers, but they’re easy and the bars can be made from start to finish in a half hour. Although there’s a very brief amount of baking, the recipe feels more no-bake than baked, and the recipe can be kept vegan and gluten-free quite easily.


Make the crust by combining six tablespoons of softened butter with flour and brown sugar and stir to incorporate the butter. The softer the butter is, the easier this will be. Don’t be alarmed if the mixture looks quite crumbly, sandy, and dry.

Transfer it to a foil-lined baking pan, and absolutely line the pan to make your life much easier. Press the crumbs down with your fingertips and then really pack it down using the back of a spoon or press down on it with the bottom of a drinking glass, helping it get nice and smooth.

Bake the crust for about ten to twelve minutes, or just until it has barely set and still pale and golden. If it’s slightly under-baked, that’s fine because the pan is going back into the oven. (more)


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