Re-Working An Old Favorite With New Techniques

Instant favorite of mine.

Nature's Best :: Don Smith Photography

Teardrop Arch Moonrise web Teardrop Arch Moonrise
Canon 1DsMKIII, exposure blended in Photoshop CC, 70-200mmL + 1.4x, Arch Exposure: 200mm, f/22, 25 seconds, 500 ISO; Sky/Background Exposure: 200mm, f/4, 5 seconds, 800 ISO; Moon Exposure: 280mm, f/11, 0.8 second, 200 ISO

Oftentimes I find myself looking back at some of my favorite images with some fresh ideas on how to improve upon the processing. One such image was an October 2011 photo that I captured in Monument Valley of a rising moon through Teardrop Arch.

Gary Hart and I had just completed my Arches/Canyonlands workshop and decided to detour into Monument Valley. Much to our dismay, there wasn’t a cloud in sight for sunset. We had always wanted to stay at The View hotel, and we booked a room that gave us a fantastic view of The Mittens for some anticipated night photography from the comfort of our own patio!

Realizing the sunset shoot…

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