My Manly Customized Tool Hauler

Customized hauler


What do you think of my newly customized Mighty Tool Hauler?

No more weenie garden cart for me!


Woodsman’s Pal


Standard US Army issue since 1941. Weighs less than 1-1/2 lbs. If you only work one-handed, this will feel like an extension of your arm.

The Classic model with its leather handle and hand guard (overall length 17″, steel blade a full 1/8″ thick) will slice through green wood up to 1-1/2″ thick with a single stroke. One side has an 8″ long concave edge and the other a 2″ long hook.

The long reach Brush Cutter model has a much thinner (1/16″) blade with an extra-long handle. It’s designed to slice through vines, briars and other kinds of thick, brushy growth quickly.

As a pair, they can tackle just about any job. The optional Leather Sheath fits the Classic Woodman’s Pal only. Great for easy carrying and protection.

Made in the USA. (more)

Ultimate DIY workbench


This workbench has it all with built-in lighting, dust extraction ports, a bench dog system for clamping long objects, lots of drawers and slide-out shelving.
Built mostly of CD plywood with maple edging, the bench has quarter-circle supports underneath that are made of two pieces of 19mm plywood with 90 x 45mm pine spacers plus masonite faces. Fluorescent lighting with plastic diffusers, available in sheet form from plastics suppliers, is installed under the top shelf.

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